Bake for Good

What is Bake for Good?

Bake for Good is King Arthur Baking Company’s free outreach program for students in grades 4 -12. We have three goals: learn,bake,andshare. Students learn to make bread from scratch at home using ingredients supplied by us. The recipe makes two loaves, one they keep and one that is shared with someone in need or as an act of kindness.

Bake for Good is entirely remote!

Bake for Good has transitioned to a remote program to best serve the needs of you and your students/group. If you have hosted either the In-School or Self-Directed programs, the options below will look familiar. If you are applying for the first time, welcome!

Here are a few key points and changes from last year:

  • All participants will get their own Baking Kit no matter which option you choose. This provides materials for students to bake safely at home or at school.
  • Sharing is still important, but flexible. Ideally, we would love your school to donate their beautiful bread to a hunger relief organization but that might not be possible right now. Instead, students can share their bread with a neighbor, friend or family member as an act of kindness.
  • All program options require a level of video technology. Either watching the instructional video online, and/or using a remote video platform to learn with the teacher, class, or BFG Instructor.

Ways to Bake for Good

*Each student receives a Baking Kit (flour, yeast and materials). Students bake at home or together, and share half of what they bake with a food bank or as an act of kindness.

Take time to look over the following options and read the Planning Guide closely. When you are ready, apply online.


Live Remote Demonstration

Live Demos are designed for larger school groups — such as an entire grade level at a school.

  • 50+ students, grades 4-7
  • A Bake for Good Instructor teaches a live, 45-minute remote demonstration via Zoom. This format is designed for your students to participate from home (remote) or from the classroom.
  • The class is a demonstration only, students do NOT bake along



The Self-Directed program is designed for smaller classes and groups to learn together. Perfect for individual classes, after-school clubs, scouts, and home school groups. Self-Directed is also a great option for FCS teachers who want to introduce bread baking into their curriculum.

  • 5+ students, grades 4-12
  • Students watch the Bake for Good instructional video.
  • Optional: Group participates in a 20 min. Q&A with a Bake for Good Instructor to answer questions and review key concepts.


FCS, CTE & Culinary Arts

This option is designed for FCS or Culinary teachers who have participated in the program in the past, are comfortable with bread making, and want to teach the lesson themselves.

  • All students enrolled in your classes, grades 4-12
  • You lead the lesson using the Bake for Good recipe (instructional video optional)
  • This option is only for FCS, CTE or Culinary Arts teachers. If you are a FoodCorps Service member or a general classroom teacher, please apply for our Self-Directed option. This program is designed to be completely teacher-led with minimal assistance from the Bake for Good team.

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Program resources

Instructional video



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Shaping techniques

Knotted Rolls


Cinnamon Rolls